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Игры Образование Обучающие Симуляторы
Разработчик Lei Bao

The Circular Motion App developed by is a virtual science inquiry education module for learners to explore the force and motion concepts in the context of uniform circular motion. Students can explore a virtual reality setting using a joy stick (real or simulated) or the acceleration sensors in an iPad or iPhone to apply a force at different directions and magnitudes on an object. In this app, a ball is set to be moving initially at a constant speed on a frictionless plane. The task for the students is to apply a force in such a way so that the object moves in a uniform circle predefined on the screen.
This activity allows students to explore their own ideas about circular motion through scientific inquiries. As students start to play and test their hypothesis and predictions, they can quickly discover what works and what parts of their understanding need to be revised. After a few try and feedback, most students can arrive at a correct understanding of the force motion relation in a uniform circular motion.
This app has an integrated pre-post evaluation to provide formative feedback to learning and summative performance rating on achievement. It can be used by students for self-guided inquiry learning and or be used as part of an inquiry based teaching-learning activities in schools. For more information of multiple platform implementations of this app and for questions and procedures on integrating this module into a curriculum, please visit for more details.
This app is optimized to run on iPad. It also runs on iPhones and iPod touch at a zoomed interface. A dedicated version for iPhones and iPods will be released soon. Mac and PC users can also access the web based version available at